MyNetball FAQ

Banyule & Districts Netball Association

MyNetball's participant login ID's have changed recently. Once, an individual's Netball Victoria registration number was used as the participant login. Now, all new logins will use an email address as the participant login ID.

Existing logins can also be converted from NV reg number, to email address.

The primary benefit of this is for parents with more than 1 child playing netball. Once converted, a parent can login to MyNetball using their email address, and choose which child(ren) to register.

Additionally, some clubs offer family discounts for more than 1 player registered. If your club does this, the only way for it to work is for a parent to convert all participant login IDs in a family, to a single email address.

Please click here for instructions on how to change multiple participant login IDs from individual login numbers, to a single email address.