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MyNetball allows all clubs to create their own online player registration forms.

Registration forms utilise a club's Payment Gateway to enable them to receive online payments. Clubs may also create online registration forms that allow offline payment, if required, although offline payments means a club is responsible for chasing payments. For this reason Netball Victoria suggest having a payment gateway and accepting online payments.

In 2018, all BDNA clubs will collect Netball Victoria registration payments via online registration forms. Netball Victoria will invoice clubs directly for all Netball Victoria registrations.

Forms can also be configured for other things, such as to collect club fees, order uniforms or register for club- or association-specific events, such as School Holiday programs. Please contact your club directly about club registration processes.

A payment gateway allows members to pay online using their credit cards. The payment gateway is link to the selected account and the selected registration fees will be sent directly to the selected gateway account.

Each Association/League/Club wanting to accept payment online and into a nominated bank account has the ability to set up their own payment gateway. This will link directly with their online registration form(s).

As with all online payments, there is an additional processing fee set in place by the payment gateway provider, Pin Payments. The minimum processing fee is 1.78% of the total payment. For a $49 Netball Victoria registration fee, this equates to $0.01.

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You can send a general (free-form) email in bulk to participants within your organisation from this page. You can send to your entire list, or search using criteria or a Person Filter.

To access this, please click on Communications / Email:



Detailed explanations for choosing specific email recipient can be found within MyNetball's Help / Help Topics and then under Topic Help Browser click on Communications.