MyNetball FAQ

Banyule & Districts Netball Association

mynetball lostpwIf you already know your MyNetball login ID, please visit and use the "Lost Password" link to request a password reset. This is THE FASTEST WAY to reset your MyNetball password (much faster than asking real live people!).

If you do not know your MyNetball login ID, please click here.

If you wish to convert your MyNetball login ID to an email address, please click here.

MyNetball's participant login ID's have changed recently. Once, an individual's Netball Victoria registration number was used as the participant login. Now, all new logins will use an email address as the participant login ID.

Existing logins can also be converted from NV reg number, to email address.

The primary benefit of this is for parents with more than 1 child playing netball. Once converted, a parent can login to MyNetball using their email address, and choose which child(ren) to register.

Additionally, some clubs offer family discounts for more than 1 player registered. If your club does this, the only way for it to work is for a parent to convert all participant login IDs in a family, to a single email address.

Please click here for instructions on how to change multiple participant login IDs from individual login numbers, to a single email address.

Netball Victoria Membership for 2017 includes GST and offers the following categories:

Senior  $71.00 Players, Umpires and Coaches born on or before 31/12/1999 – (18 & over)
Junior $51.00 Players, Umpires and Coaches born between 01/01/2000 – 31/12/2006 – (11 – 17 years)
All Abilities $51.00 Members with a disability (on receipt of valid ID)
NetSetGO $56.00 5-10 years of age, born on or after 01/01/2007. The NSG membership also covers all modified U/9 competition. Price includes participant pack
Off the Court $39.00 Committee Members, Administrators, Volunteers, Parents and Spectators.
(PLEASE NOTE: players, coaches, umpires and bench officials must be a current senior, junior or AA member)

For more information please visit the Netball Victoria website.


Netball Victoria membership is valid from January 1st until December 31st in each calender year.

If you start playing a competition in November and it does not finish until March, your NV membership covers those participating in competitions that run across calender years. Members are covered for the duration of the competition.

If participants wish to continue playing after the season finishes, they are required to register for the new year.

BDNA welcomes all players of any playing level. Please click the appropriate link below:

NET (NetSetGo) registrations (age 5-10) - please click here

SET (otherwise known as our U9 competition) - please choose the appropriate link from your club's page

Junior/Senior/Mixed competition U11-Open - please choose the appropriate link from your club's page

If you have lost or can't remember your Netball Victoria number, click here to search the MyNetball database for your ID.

Yes, MyNetball allows you to register for more than one club or team. You will need to complete individual registration processes for each entity.

Yes, MyNetball allows members to have multiple roles, including Player (junior, senior, veteran, NetSetGo), Umpire (junior, senior), Team Official (coach, team manager) and more.