Banyule & Districts Netball Association

A big Congratulations to our very own Pauline Zealley for being the recipient of the 2019 Volunteer of the Year award ! A special thank you goes to Pauline for all the hard work and time she puts into our association, a well deserving award winner, we are proud to have her at Banyule ! 

Volunteer of the Year – Pauline Zealley (Banyule & District Netball Association)

Pauline has been instrumental in inspiring and delivering success to her local netball community for more than 25 years. Originating at Rosanna Netball Club, Pauline coached, inspired and created leadership opportunities through pathways for the women and girls in her care.

Pauline then joined Banyule & District Netball Association and Board over five years ago. She was inspired to take part in a complete restructure and reprogramming of an association that was in dire need of re-invigoration. Starting from scratch, Pauline led an assault on the fundamental framework of the association, rebuilding from a governance and finance level, through to the association’s core business. This strong netball association needed the assistance with their strategic planning in order to build a foundation that would drive years of future success.